Automatic spool transportation system

The automatic spool transporting system eliminated the ergonomic issues connected with manual feeding

Spools are moved with an automatic spool transporting system from carriages downstairs to the paper reel length cutter on the upper level.


Previously the spools were placed manually onto the cutter. The new system eliminates ergonomic problems connected with manual spool handling, and at the same time brings cost efficiency to the operations.

Conveyor description

The automatic collector picks up the spools from carriages and places them on the conveyor system, which transports the spools with conveyors and turning lifters to the cutter. In the cutter an automatic pusher pushes the spools into the machine and locks them in place. The spools from the sheet cutter are then brought back downstairs in carriages for re-use.


The factory hall pillars, as well as the restricted space around the cutter were challenges for the planning and construction. The solution was to move the spools sideways onto the cutter level as they arrive at the length cutter and then lower them into the length cutter.


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