Case: Valio

Palletizing system for sacks of whey made it possible to handle single items

The need

A need arose at the Valio Lapinlahti factory to renew their old palletizing system while finding a suitable and compact solution for palletizing cheese whey sacks. The challenge was to palletize sacks of three different sizes onto pallets which also varied in size and build. The filling of a sack can differ greatly depending on the vast variation in the weight ratio of different products. The immediate surroundings also posed a challenge because fine dust floated around, from the contents of the sacks. This dust tended to be abrasive and “sticky” when moist. As this was a question of the foodstuff industry, there was also a need to improve the tracking of produce to the individual sack.

The solution

AMH developed a robotic arm onto a traditional palletizer, which enabled the handling of individual sacks. This solution made it possible to place the system into a narrow and tight space. It was now also possible to stack the sacks more efficiently. Individual sacks and pallets could now be tracked as marking, collecting data and sending it to the control unit was enabled. Valio personnel are able to access information from the control unit via their own system, which makes tracking possible. In addition, usability, efficiency and quality can now tracked and numerous reports are also produced on production, standstills and attributed causes, malfunctions etc.

Project member,  Matti Roivainen from Valio:

”Our project members had a clear vision of what was needed and how it should function. We chose AMH as the supplier because they were convincing and seemed to have the matter well in hand. They proposed various solutions, some of which proved to be functional in practice as well. Our decision was also influenced by the references provided by AMH. Implementation took place smoothly. Replacing the old system with the new lasted only two weeks so the down time in production was not long. Assembly was done at AMH’s facility in Ihode, where we went to follow the progress of the project. The schedule set at the beginning held its course and we were very happy with the project management. The solution has worked well and it has made other changes possible as the need arises. We have received quick and flexible service from AMH whenever needed”.

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