Case: Stora Enso

Palletizing system for A4 copy paper boxes

The need

Stora Enso required a palletizing system which could automatically palletize A4 copy paper boxes directed from four different conveyors.

The solution

The complete solution provided by AMH was comprised of many smaller systems: box conveyors placed between packaging machines and palletizers. empty pallet feeding systems, two separate top palletizers, conveyors for readily stacked pallets, pallet labelling with a robot and a conveyor system transporting pallets from labelling to the warehouse.


The process as a whole is comprised of many segments which fuse seamlessly together. The customer’s production management program feeds the orders into the system. The fed information provides data on the amount of boxes, the order of palletizing, number of layers and which pallet to use. The trolley at the pallet feeding station fetches the appropriate empty pallet and takes it to the correct palletizer.

The solution is comprised of five empty pallet dispensers and conveyors and one trolley for shifting. The A4 boxes coming from a total of four lines are lifted onto the product conveyor belt which transports them to the palletizers. The palletizers are so called top loaders, which are equipped with automatically adjusting shifters. This is why there is no need for mechanical adjusting as the stacking pattern changes from one order to another. The palletizer has two separate systems, for forming the packaging pattern of a level, which alternate in stacking the boxes one level at a time.

One palletizer handles two production lines i.e. two orders. The product conveyor belt is loaded with a pallet full of boxes before transport to the palletizer. The palletizer automatically changes settings when the pattern of palletizing changes. A finished pallet is transported with a pallet conveyor for shrink wrapping and pallet labelling. The pallet conveyor system saves the data of each pallet up to labelling. Two labels per pallet are then printed with details of the pallet in question. An industrial robot then places the labels on the pallet and a barcode reader checks them for readability before the conveyor transports the pallet for warehousing.

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