Case Olvi: palletizing conveyor system

Logistics savings and efficiency with the palletizing conveyor system for cans and bottles

AMH Systems has long experience in delivering different types of conveyor solutions to the Olvi Iisalmi brewery. Throughout the years AMH has built the brewery hundreds of meters of conveyors for different needs.

The products are automatically palletized according to customers’ orders.

– Olvi has a principle of using mainly domestic subcontractors in order to keep jobs in Finland. Our collaboration with AMH is one of good confidence. We know the equipment, and working together with their personnel is always easy. We speak the same language and we have always got help, even at weekends, says Olvi’s Maintenance Director Pekka Kääriäinen.

Olvi’s Maintenance Director Pekka Kääriäinen has already collaborated with AMH for 15 years. He knows the equipment and the workers well, which further helps their co-operation.

The volume and transportation of goods have increased substantially over the past years. Therefore the old facilities had to be re-developed. We built a conveyor system in the old warehouse that now works as a palletizing warehouse. Previously products were stored in two separate warehouses, whereas now the logistics are concentrated in Olvi’s own facilities in Iisalmi. This solution brings cost savings and efficiency to logistics and transportation.

AMH Systems was responsible for the layout of the system as well as for building the conveyors and starting them up. Testing took approximately four months, during which time the software was adjusted and possible problem spots located.

Conveyor description

The two-floor conveyor system with a total capacity of 13 500 pallets in 12 levels was built in two stages in the 115 meters long facility.

From the high warehouse pallets are transported to palletizing where the system either collects different products according to customers’ orders onto the pallets, or a so-called bulk pallet arrives ready filled. From palletizing, the pallets move along two separate conveyors to distribution. When the warehouse is working at full capacity the conveyor system can transport more than 60 pallets per hour.

Each pallet is labelled with among other things a barcode.

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