Case: Metsä Tissue

Increased pass-through capacity with a paper reel lowering tilt

When Metsä Tissue wanted to increase the pass-through capacity at their Mänttä plant, the reel diameter was increased to 2.5 meters. At the same time the previous conveyor system became insufficient. AMH Systems designed and built a system for moving the bigger reels from upstairs down with a new lowering tilt.


The whole system was designed in connection to the old conveyor, and the solution used existing equipment, such as the lifting platform, pallet handling and the unloading conveyor.

Previously the reels were brought down by elevator but a different solution was needed due to increasing reel diameters. Space was a challenge. Downstairs there were for example air conditioning piping, conveyors and on-going refinement operations. These all created a tight framework for the lowering tilt function.

We identified the right solutions using CAD-rendering. The lowering tilt motion paths were particularly challenging due to space restrictions. Right at the start of work we detected that the bigger reels would touch the roof if we used the normal lowering angle. The tilt design therefore took into account that if the reel size changes the motion path also needs to be changeable during lowering.

When all the parts were finished we assembled the tilt in Rauma shipyard where there was enough space to allow for testing.


Conveyor description

The reels are brought to the conveyor from two separate paper machines. They are either rolled into the system from a lifting platform or brought onto the conveyor by forklift. Then the reels are separated one by one on a turning platform from where they are moved onto the lowering tilt. During lowering the reel is turned in an upright position and finally the reels are moved onto the unloading conveyor with chain- and reel conveyors and from there collected with a forklift.


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