Case: Olvi

A cost effective solution in packaging drinks cans

The need

There was a new sandwich based board entering the market onto which it was possible to pack single cans or plastic wrapped multiple cans. Olvi wanted to be at the forefront of this type of packaging as it served their needs in the market and in gathering orders. There was a wish for the line to be within close proximity of the production line.

The solution

AMH designed and implemented a solution which made it possible for the equipment to be placed in the small and challenging location. In the design, equipment that had reached the end of its lifespan in the dismantled line, was given new life bringing notable savings. A satisfying end result all-round was achieved because previous experience of projects with AMH had gained them trust in the ability to manage challenging projects with expertise.


The system has its own conveyor and distributor for single cans and multipacks. The cans and multipacks are distributed in such a way that they finally form a 192 can group. This is the required amount of cans for eight sandwich based boards.

An empty pallet is fed from the pallet dispenser into the palletizing area. Robot one shifts one layer from the sandwich board pallet, consisting of eight boards, onto the pallet. Robot two shifts the 192 cans onto the sandwich boards. This continues until the pre-programmed amount of layers has been reached.

At this point, a pallet change occurs. The first palletized pallet is moved along the warehousing conveyor to the warehouse and a new pallet is fed into its place. As the pallet holding the sandwich boards empties, it is moved into the warehouse pallet rack and a new pallet stacked with sandwich boards takes its place.

The sandwich board stacked pallets and palletized pallets are brought to the warehouse conveyor by forklift truck. The stacks of pallets previously holding the sandwich boards are also moved away by forklift truck. Stacked and ready pallets are moved along a conveyor and sensor wagon to the warehouse. AMH has also provided a conveyor system equipped with a WinCC-controlled pallet monitor.


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